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60 The Aaron Weiss Episode

November 10th, 2017

The legend of all band lore Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou explains the genius of Rumi, why he can’t call himself an artist and why he had to further unplug himself after the election. All while enjoying some delicious secondhand soup.



59 “Comics shouldn’t apologize”: Christopher Titus Saves Godspeed from Amerigedden!

October 29th, 2017
Ryan and Jameson welcome one of the greats! Titus takes Godspeed on a journey of self-discovery, encountering Sarah Palin, Eminem and Lego Hilary along the way. The man just wants to bring everyone together and after all, isn't that the true meaning of Christmas? His new film, Special Unit, is now available on iTunes and tour dates can be found at ChristopherTitus.com
Twitter & Instagram: @titusnation

58 Want to become a youth pastor? Better start doing drugs now

October 16th, 2017
Godspeed finally repays Jed and Jay (Church & Other Drugs podcast). The four white men solve addiction, praise Russell Brand and explain why youth group is the best group. 

57 The Chris Jericho Debacle: How We Succeed in Podcasting and Other Lies

October 8th, 2017

Ryan and Jameson reveal the major loophole in the private education scam, Chris Jericho joins in spirit, and the duo plug their life-changing new apps.

Books: Rewired by Erica Spiegelman
No is a Four Letter Word by Chris Jericho
A-Tracker App


56 Gage Speas, Vocalist of To Speak Of Wolves

October 1st, 2017
Gage Speas, vocalist of To Speak Of Wolves joins Godspeed.
Jameson and Gage nerd out about Oh, Sleeper, explore the origins of cowboy Gage and use swear words when talking about Christian music. Additionally, Speas once and for all admits that Jameson is responsible for all his musical success. That's all we wanted Gage, that's all we wanted. 
Pick up To Speak of Wolves' new record Dead in The Shadow out now on Solid State Records. 

55 Godspeed Returns with Two Timing Comic Mark Normand

September 25th, 2017

 The second ever repeat guest, comic Mark Normand sits down with Jameson at Portland's own Lucky Labrador. The duo gets distracted by beauty, discuss Mark's social anxiety and laugh all the way to the food carts. Ryan's reasons for his recent reticence are revealed and Jameson stays out way too late. All that and stories they can't seem to remember on this episode of Godspeed. 



54 Godspeed Does Warped Tour Mini-Series: Valient Thorr: He Who Should Not Be Named Is Discussed.

August 20th, 2017
Valient Thorr: 

53 Godspeed Does Warped Tour Mini-Series: Silent Planet

August 20th, 2017
The boys of Silent Planet talk lyrical and artistic influence. 

Silent Planet: 


52 Godspeed Does Warped Tour Mini-Series: Courage My Love

July 31st, 2017
Warped Mini Series: Risk & Reward w/ Courage My Love
Mercedes Horn of Courage My Love 

51 Seminary Dropouts Unite! Ft Shane Blackshear

July 31st, 2017
Seminary Dropout host Shane Blackshear schools Godspeed on his massive guest list, what it takes to stick with seminary and why Greg Boyd is so freeking awesome. Check out SeminaryDropout.com as well as Shane's other show OnRamp, a podcast about race through the lens of Christianity.