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59 “Comics shouldn’t apologize”: Christopher Titus Saves Godspeed from Amerigedden!

October 29th, 2017
Ryan and Jameson welcome one of the greats! Titus takes Godspeed on a journey of self-discovery, encountering Sarah Palin, Eminem and Lego Hilary along the way. The man just wants to bring everyone together and after all, isn't that the true meaning of Christmas? His new film, Special Unit, is now available on iTunes and tour dates can be found at ChristopherTitus.com
Twitter & Instagram: @titusnation

36 “They Just Had Trumpy Faces” Ft. Jon Rudnitsky

May 7th, 2017
Jameson giggles with girlish glee as comic Jon Rudnitsky accepts his responsibility as the anonymous co-founder of The Godspeed Podcast. The team get into Jon's year at Saturday Night Live, his philosophy of comedy and what it's like to pitch sketch ideas to Donald Trump (hint: It's sad). Ryan volunteers to get implants and confesses to not wanting to be a dick while Jameson holds to his belief that technology is the instrument of the end times and legacy is nothing but a six-letter word for failure. Also, a heartwarming tribute to the great Jeff Goldblum and why Jameson can't explain things as well as Bo Burnham. 

Episode 33: “I’m Just Looking for Happiness,” A Chat w/ Brooks Wheelan

April 10th, 2017

Ryan and Jameson are back after an educationally tumultuous few weeks. Comic/former SNL cast member/hiker/photographer/7-11 enthusiast Brooks Wheelan stops in, Ryan has the seminary finish line in his sights while Jameson continues to oppose his friend's life choices. 

Photo credit: Robyn Von Swank



Episode 31: Now Is Not an Appropriate Time to Say Namaste w/ Kate Wolff

March 26th, 2017
Ryan & Jameson get positive with comic/self help guru Kate Wolff. How can comedy and self-improvement peacefully coincide? Can Kate be a comic and a nice person? Would R&J dominate her dance parties? Can her son Shane teach his mom to rap? All that and the origins of Ryan's tank top on this episode of Godspeed. 

Episode 21: We Talk with Mr. Joey Svendsen (Pastor/Author: FundaMENTAList. Bad Christian Podcast)

January 15th, 2017
Godspeed invites Joey Svendsen on the show. Joey is most famous for talking about his penis and being 1/3 of The Bad Christian Podcast. He is also the author of FundaMENTAList, a great read for anyone struggling with OCD, depression, legalism and organ envy. You can pick up his book at BadChristian.com and tune into his podcast, Pastor With No Answers. 

Episode 18: We Talk with Mr. Mark Normand (New York Comedienne @marknorm)

December 26th, 2016

Godspeed tracks down one of their favorite comedians Mark Normand. Do comics care about the PC conversation? What has Amy Schumer done for Mark's career? Is the stage the best place for an introvert? Oh and Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. 


Episode 14: We Talk with Mr. Sam Morril

December 11th, 2016

Godspeed gets silly with comedian Sam Morril. You may recognize Morril from Conan, Colbert and a sketchy club in Scottsdale. Can comedians say whatever they want? Are some buttons too hot? Does Ryan have the chops to make it in New York? Is TJ Miller the hero we need? Did Jameson have a point? All that and Colin Jost. 


Episode 13: We Talk Westworld, Consciousness, and Hoarding Movie Posters

December 11th, 2016

Ryan & Jameson visit Westworld, wonder what old people know that we don't and embrace robot culture. All that and your beige Volvo on this episode of Godspeed. 

Books referenced: The Great Divorce by CS Lewis.