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42: Science Mike McHargue Meets Reluctant Ryan & Congested Jameson

June 4th, 2017
Mike McHargue aka Science Mike drops in to discuss Finding God in the Waves: How I Left My Faith and Found It Again Through Science. You know Mike from The Liturgists Podcast and of course his own show, Ask Science Mike. Though Jameson wouldn't allow Ryan to read Mike's book before the interview, Godspeed will no doubt be referencing Science Mike pretty much from here on out. Can science and faith ever fully integrate? Why have we viewed them as enemies for so long? Are supernatural experiences worth a darn? Tune in as you can hear Jameson and Ryan literally becoming smarter by proximity. Huge thank you to Science Mike and as always please send any questions/comments/concerns/misguided vitriol to godspeedpodcast@gmail.com

38: Matty Mullins is Unstoppable

May 17th, 2017
Godspeed's first return guest Matty Mullins opens The Gazeebo Sessions with his new record Unstoppable. What is worship music? Is co-writing cheating? What music gets you in the creative zone? Do you have the balls to admit no one cares? What happens when you truly let go of creative pressure? Pick up Matty's new record UNSTOPPABLE out now on BEC Music. 

37 Godspeed Bros Down Ft. Bros, Bibles, & Beer Podcast

May 7th, 2017
The breathern of Bros, Bibles and Beer bolster this bawdy boyish brand of ballsy bravado. Major thanks to SCOTT/ZACK/JEFF. 

Episode 31: Now Is Not an Appropriate Time to Say Namaste w/ Kate Wolff

March 26th, 2017
Ryan & Jameson get positive with comic/self help guru Kate Wolff. How can comedy and self-improvement peacefully coincide? Can Kate be a comic and a nice person? Would R&J dominate her dance parties? Can her son Shane teach his mom to rap? All that and the origins of Ryan's tank top on this episode of Godspeed. 

Episode 30: We Talk with Mr. Nathan Macintosh (Comedian: @nathanmacintosh)

March 12th, 2017

Comic Nathan Macintosh has a lot in common with Jameson including his love of Batman V Superman. The boys discuss why porn sucks (outside of religion), why Harambe was the fall guy representing a bigger issue and how anger can lead to greener pastures. All that and Ryan's improv skills. Check out Macintosh's podcast Positive Anger



Episode 29: We Talk with the Band- Edison (@listentoedison)

March 5th, 2017

Thomas Edison may have invented junk but Denver's Edison perfected it. The indie trio joins Godspeed to talk influence, folk motivations and more. Jameson nerds out about his favorite emo crooner and Ryan attempts not to barf on mic. Also the duo wrestles with who we seek knowledge from and why Jameson doesn't trust himself! 




Episode 28: We Talk to Mr. Jimmy Pardo (Comedian @jimmypardo)

February 26th, 2017

The great Jimmy Pardo stops by to talk stand up, working for Conan O'Brien, Ryan Gosling and Smile Train. We also praise him for being the comedic godfather of podcasting while Jameson explains why Pardo may never want to bump into him at a party. Ryan gives his Oscar red carpet breakdown, why monster trucks rule and we finally reveal why so many compare us to Jake Gyllenhaal. 


NeverNotFunny Podcast 


Episode 27: We Talk to the Band: DangerKids (@dangerkids) w/ Special Guest: Doug!

February 19th, 2017

A very special artsy fartsy episode of Godspeed today welcomes Doug from down the street as we discuss amateur Scientology and Christian school tryouts. Katie Cole and Andy Bane from Dangerkids graciously share their bucket of donuts with Jameson as Ryan questions our credibility.


Episode 26: We Talk with Mr. Matt MacDonald (Artist: The Classic Crime/Vocal few @mattmacdonaldis)

February 12th, 2017

Godspeed welcomes Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime and Don't Feed the Trolls Podcast. R&J keep tearing each other down while building up the idea of deconstruction. Politics make a brief appearance in the guise of two knowledgeable 30-somethings flip flopping every other argument. Ryan sets a dangerous precedence of encouraging book-learnin' while Jameson just wants everyone to get along. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of disappointed seminary professors everywhere. 




Episode 25: We Talk with Ms. Erica Spiegelman (Addiction/Wellness Specialist. Author-Rewired)

February 5th, 2017

GodSpeed welcomes author and addiction expert Erica Spiegelman to discuss her book Rewired. What truly defines an addict? What part does identity play in recovery? What practical steps can one take to rewire their brain?