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81 Pro Skateboarder/Jackass/Author/Heroin Addict: The Brandon Novak Episode

July 2nd, 2018

Now sober for over three years, Brandon Novak once had it all; a blossoming skate career fostered by Tony Hawk himself, millions of dollars, fame and notoriety. He also had a very public heroine addiction. You know Novak from the hit show/films Jackass, CKY, Viva La Bam and so much more. Novak now helps others combat this awful disease by speaking all over the world and sharing his insane story of recovery. 

If you're struggling with addiction or depression, tell someone. In fact, call Novak and his team: (610-635-9092)
Follow @Brandon_Novak and pick up his New York Times best selling book, DREAMSELLER